Current Volunteer Openings

Volunteer Executive Director

DeafTechEd is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for universal ASL (American Sign Language) accessibility in online training and to shepherd an open source platform that would enable any company to deliver ASL training with any content. More ASL online training expands job opportunities for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities. Our objective is to incorporate a technological solution such as PIP (Picture in Picture) that allows for ASL interpreters to convey to Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing users online course content that is currently unavailable.


As the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Director reports to and works closely with the DeafTechEd Board of Directors to oversee the organization's mission and objectives, while maintaining long term implementation of programs and strategic plans.

This is a part-time volunteer role. There would be a three to six month transition period where the Executive Director Candidate would attend meetings and get to know the board of directors and then after this transition period we would all meet and decide if this role is a match for the candidate and for the board.


Ensures that fundraising developments are carried out in keeping with the organization's mission, vision and plans.

Responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s budget.

Ensure official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and coordinate such efforts with the Board Secretary and Treasurer.

Research significant developments and trends in the online education of the Deaf/HOH and make recommendations to the Board.

Help recruit volunteers (grant writers, marketing manager, etc) to grow the organization.

Required Skills/Experience

Bachelor’s degree in administration, social services, or deaf-related field
Extensive knowledge of the Deaf Culture and Community
Strong management skills in non-profit, technical or educational sector
Proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL) preferred
Passionate about finding, implementing and advocating solutions to help bring online training in ASL.