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American Sign Up Language for Disney+
Mariella Satow is a high school student that developed ‘SignUp’ which is a free Google Chrome Extension providing on-screen ASL signing, alongside children’s movies on Disney+.

SignUp enables a viewer to stream a movie and, simultaneously, a small pop-up window will appear with an interpreter signing in ASL. Students can use it for learning and everyone can enjoy movie nights! Currently available to watch: Moana, Zootopia, Luca, The Little Mermaid, Frozen and The Incredibles.

PIP Open Sourcce YouTube
Allowing a user to combine two separate video streams inside a Youtube video.

Project was commisioned and executed by Deaf Culture Arts Centers of Canada. The goal was to easily combine two video streams provbeing one as main and another as a "picture-in-picture". The Center hosts a weekly video program for the deaf community and wanted to add ASL to their programs.

This project is open source, built in Git-Hub by developer Kemal Ahmed.

Subway did an ad that shows the advantages of PIP. Take a look:

Instructions on how to use this code are comming soon.