2 - Add ASL to Video

We are decribing how our PIP tool works and what is needed to make use of it. Understand how it works below and try it in the next page.

Select the video you want to add the ASL content to. Keep in mind you also will need the video of the ASL interpretation of the content.

You must have both videos hosted on a streaming platform to be combined: the main video/educational content and the ASL interpretation for that video.

We are using YouTube for this example, but the Open Source technology can be ported to any platform:

  • Select a "MAIN" video in YouTube. We will use one from Google Certificate program. See this example:
  • In YouTube click "Share" and copy the URL link. Save it to be used later with the PIP tool.
    You will paste it in the next page in a field called MAIN
  • Access our FREE Open Source tool or just use the next page to use it easily.
  • Paste the "MAIN" video url in the field called "MAIN"
  • Access the video that contains the ASL nterpretation and copy using "Share" the same way you did for the MAIN video content.
    Please use https://youtu.be/PKa5GSBjJSg?t=19 for this example of ASL translation.
  • Paste it in the ASL Interpretation Video (PIP) field.
  • Click the CREATE LINK button

This Open Source project was built in Git-Hub by Kemal Ahmed.

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