How to Use Our Open Source PIP Tool

1 - Prepare your environment

Make sure the browser you are using is capable of displaying Picture-In-Picture or PIP. Enable PIP in your browser.
Follow the intructions in this video for Chrome, FireFox or Safari browsers: PIP enable

Identify which video you would like to use as your main content. Your main video content MUST be available in a streamming platform. You will need to provide to the PIP tool, a link to the MAIN video. The ASL interpretation video, also need to be hosted on a streaming platform. We call this ASL video the PIP ASL video. Both videos MUST be provided for the TOOL as via LINKS.

We recommend using YouTube for hosting both videos, but the Open Source technology can be ported to any platform.

The next pages will teach you how to use the tool using an example we are providing.

This Open Source project was built in Git-Hub by Kemal Ahmed.

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