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Enabling Accessible Education

Our mission is to enable education for deaf and hard hearing population. By acquiring technical certification in different technology areas, will help acquisition of skills to apply for better paying jobs.

To achieve this goal, we are providing a FREE open source tool and recommending ASL resources, to add ASL in existing content. The FREE open source tool combines two separate URLs in one, creating a PIP overlay on top of existing streaing content. It was created by Kemal Ahmed which insigth and effort, opened the door to help others.

The tool can be customized for any online platform, to deliver ASL interpretation with their content. If you need any customization we recommend SIGMA as a great partner with knowledge and resources to help.

We are also providing a list of resources for ASL interpreters and finally promote this solution accross educational institutions.

Although most content platforms today offer transcripts or captions when delivering content, this is not effective when a deaf person is trying to learn a new topic. In reality, the ideal way to deliver accessible content, is to allow separate tracks for each type of media delivery. One for the main video, another for caption, another for transcripts, another for ASL. Also those can be synchronized, or played in different speeds to match the accessibility of each individual being trained. Unfortunatelly this is not yet available today.

Learn more about us and help us change the educational market to make it accessible for EVERYONE!